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WAN Conservancy Establishes Preserve for The Northern Spotted Owl
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The Owl Project

In keeping with our principle mission to maintain and preserve habitats for wildlife, the WAN Conservancy has just acquired properties amounting to 17 acres in Marin County, California (City of Ross and City of San Rafael) that is home to many native species, stands of native Madrone, Oak trees, Bay laurel and a Redwood grove that contains an active Northern Spotted Owl's nest on it along with numerous dusky-footed woodrat nests, the Owls' primary prey. The heterogeneous forest conditions and associated dense prey base provide optimal habitat conditions. The properties were slated for development but we worked with the property owners and succeeded in obtaining the properties to be kept in permanent conservation.

As fortunate as this is, we will need funds to be able to maintain the land, including payment for Fire Department brush clearance and maintenance, maintaining public trails and removal of invasive species. We are seeking donations. Please help by clicking on the donation button and give a tax deductible donation for this iconic species of forest conservation.

About the Northern Spotted Owl:


Take a look at our Owl Preserve:

Heterogeneous forest:

Coast Redwoods - Owl Nest Site


California Bay Forest


Madrone Forest


Ephemeral Stream


Dense Dusky-footed Woodrat Prey Base: Hundreds of Rats Nests Surrounding Nest Tree


Our Preserve boarders opposite sides of a 36 acre San Rafael Open Space resulting in over 50 acres of protected Land for wildlife as well as for public enjoyment.

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