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The Western Alliance for Nature, in partnership with the University of California at Santa Barbara supports the Coal Oil Point Reserve. One of the best remaining examples of a coastal-strand environment in Southern California, the Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve protects a wide variety of coastal and estuarine habitats. Largely undisturbed coastal dunes support a rich assemblage of dune vegetation and have become a nesting site for the endangered Western Snowy Plover. The Snowy Plover is a threatened species, mainly due to loss of its preferred breeding habitat, the beach. Coal Oil Point Reserve, with its sandy beach, sand dunes, and adjacent estuary mouth is one of a few choice west coast locations where the snowy plovers can still breed and thrive. But they must compete for the beach with beach users, unleashed dogs, and predators like crows. Without help, the plovers lose like they have elsewhere. However Coal Oil Point Reserve has established the gold standard of plover protection program consisting of docents, monitors and with public education and symbolic fences the plovers at UCSB has made a come back.

We encourage conservation minded people to donate in support of this program.

Western Snowy Plover

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