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Sara Wan
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WAN Conservancy co-founder, Sara Wan has a B.S. in Biology from Vassar college, and M.S. in Zoology from Yale University and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC Irvine.

For over 3 decades, Sara has worked extensively on matters affecting the coast of California both as a member of the Coastal Commission, State Coastal Conservancy and Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and for many years prior to appointment to the Commission, as a coastal activist supporting the protection of environmental and coastal resources. She is considered an expert in habitat and wetland issues, marine mammals issues (particularly the impacts of sound on marine mammals), water quality, and coastal land use and planning. She was twice the chair of the California Coastal Commission.

Sara was appointed to the Federal Advisory Committee to the Marine Mammal Commission on the Effects of Sound on Marine Mammals, where she represented the State of California and was the only State representative on this committee. She was appointed because she is considered an expert in this arena and was able to bring her biology, engineering and public policy experience to the Committee which was charged with making a report to Congress on this issue.

She has also been a tireless advocate for public access to the coast. As an avid birder and wildlife observer she believes that protection of species and the fight to protect biodiversity is of utmost importance.

Sara has been active in promoting environmental advocacy and founded ORCA (Organization of Regional Coastal Activist) in 2003. ORCA was established to help coastal advocates network and represent the environmental community at Coastal Commission hearings. She gives full day seminars for prospective ORCA members designed to teach coastal advocates about the Coastal Act and how to provide effective advocacy at the Commission.

She is considered a leading expert in the area of the application of the Coastal Act and court decisions affecting its implementation, and Coastal Commission regulations, procedures and permit history. As such, she also has taught the subject at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After leaving the Commission Mrs. Wan founded Coastal Land Use Consultants, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in land use issues at California regulatory agencies.

In recognition of her contributions to public access and coastal protection, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy named the Sara Wan Trial Head in Coral Canyon in Malibu.

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