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Our Conservation Objectives
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Why is preservation of natural ecosystems a critical and urgent mission of the Western Alliance for Nature?

The estuaries and wetlands that spawn new life, the forests that provide life with shelter and the migratory corridors through which life flows are vanishing at a precipitous rate. Indeed, human population and development has proliferated at a cancerous pace that threatens the entire planet. Annihilation of biodiversity by human activities is more than ever the greatest threat to the environment. Cataclysmic and unsustainable consumption of natural resources is grand larceny of our children's natural heritage and those of other species

The fabric of the planet's ecosystem is being torn to shreds. Only a few areas remain as opportunities to acquire and preserve. The Western Alliance for Nature's core mission and conservation strategy is saving the few remnant habitats left to give Nature a chance to survive and heal. Biodiversity is paramount to functioning ecosystems which regulate water, oxygen, nutrients and energy in the complex web of life… the life support system for all living things including humans. Our welfare depends on the welfare of our wild partners, on the only known living planet and who are perhaps the only companions we have in this vast and lonely universe.

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