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The Western Alliance for Nature joined forces with the Northern Jaguar Project to create and manage a 50,000 acre Jaguar sanctuary in northern Mexico.  

The rugged Sierra Madre foothill mountains in Sonora, Mexico, contain one of the largest unfragmented, near-pristine but unprotected wildlife habitat remaining in North America. This area is imminently threatened by ranching, development, trapping and hunting. The area's rough mountains, deep canyons, and sheer cliffs, with a flora mix of tropical thornscrub, tropical deciduous forest, and oak woodlands, support a rich and regionally unique habitat for biodiversity.

Directly south of Douglas, AZ, just 140 miles south of our border, the Northern Jaguar Reserve is one of the most ecologically unique areas in North America.

The sanctuary not only protects the Jaguar but preserves biodiversity, including some rare and threatened or endangered species:

  • The northernmost nesting sites of Military Macaws

  • The northernmost breeding population of Neotropical River Otters
  • The southernmost nesting site for Bald Eagles
  • Ocelots, Mountain Lions, Bob Cats, Desert Tortoises, Gila Monsters, Lilac-crowned Parrots, Eared Trogons, are just a few

Jaguars once lived in the US. They were trapped and hunted to extinction. They continue to face the same fate south of the border. Jaguars will range over 500 miles. This sanctuary for the remaining breeding population just south of our border is a chance for restoring the American Jaguar, the only large native carnivore entirely missing from the United States.

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