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Our Mission
The Western Alliance for Nature was founded to
save threatened habitats to preserve biodiversity.
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We are a conservancy that works with state and federal agencies, and partners with other conservancies and non-profit organizations to purchase, restore and manage critical ecosystems. What sets us apart from other conservancies is that we do not charge overhead or brokerage fees for land acquisitions and conservation projects. We have no paid staff. Officers and directors receive no compensation. Overhead and administrative costs are funded by the founders. Therefore, donors can make a significant contribution to conservation because 100% goes directly to the conservation project. Nature preserves created and maintained by the Western Alliance for Nature from your support and contributions will be monuments of your dedication to preserving our natural heritage for future generations.

The Sara Wan Owl Preserve
A tribute to the life and legacy of Sara Wan

On Saturday October 8, 2022, a wonderful tribute to the life and legacy of Sara Wan began at the Sara Wan Trailhead in Malibu.

Meanwhile 500 miles to the north in Marin County two small lives were fluffing feathers high in the trees in the Marin County for habitat and wildlife protection.

Sara and Larry became interested in obtaining this land because on one area in the Preserve there is an active, Northern Spotted Owl's nest. The land was slated for development and permits for two mega homes had been submitted, making acquiring the property critical to protecting the endangered Owl.

The emergence of these two owlets is an example of the importance of continuing the living legacy of Wan Conservancy.


This is why the mission of the Western Alliance For Nature is winging across both North and South American Continents.

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